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Exploring meaning in mathematics



Hello, I’m Glen Meyer, a CRLA Level II certified tutor living and working in Austin, Texas. Throughout my life I have discovered and rediscovered mathematics, working through its complexities and frustrations to find its puzzles, depths, surprises, and enticements. My goal here is to share these discoveries with others, and help them avoid the frustrations. Students learn best when they have a solid alliance with a dedicated and thoughtful, patient tutor. I tailor my teaching to each student’s needs while enabling them to effectively reach their goals, whether those are improving their grades, preparing for an entrance exam, developing their mathematical skills, understanding a subject in more depth, or simply learning something new and fascinating.


Please contact me directly at 214-395-3983 or or fill out the contact form below. I’ll get back to you within a day or two.


How It Works


Tutoring Options

My students range from high school through graduate school and into many professional settings. I am comfortable with a wide variety of students and most areas of mathematics as well as classical physics, but I specialize in dedicated students studying logic, probability, or statistics and subjects closely related to these such as stochastic processes or actuarial science.

I hold sessions virtually by Skype/Zoom/phone, or in person at 8637 Spicewood Springs Road (Spicewood Springs Branch of the Austin Public Library). All sessions are in the English language.

Levels of Teaching

Junior High

High School


You can schedule some risk-free time to see if you like working with me. For those interested in longer term tutoring (beyond 2-3 sessions) I offer various packages.


I offer two pay scales:


For high school students and lower level college students:


One hour: $59

Package of 5 hours: $52/hour

Package of 10 hours: $49/hour

Package of 20 hours: $46/hour


For more advanced college subjects:


One hour: $71

Package of 5 hours: $62/hour

Package of 10 hours: $58/hour

Package of 20 hours: $55/hour


What Happy

Students &

Parents Say

Very patient, kind and helpful. Great tutor!!!

 - Johanna, Texas